Lever Action Rifles

Uniquely American in design, Lever Action Rifles have been a favorite of both cowboys and modern shooters since their inception more than 150 years ago. They are low-profile, low-maintenance Rifles perfect for hunting on the move. Offered At Sportsman’s Guide in a variety of calibers to handle your favorite type of hunting, from varmints to big game.

Lever Action Rifles are a unique American Design used primarily in the Old American West. Modern Shooters and firearm Enthusiasts love these weapons for Hunting for Big Game, Sport, and Target Practice.

Our Pawn Shop is Interested in Purchasing and Selling 6 of the Top Brands and Makes.

1. The Browning BLRBLR is a fantastic gun, and its appearance has been improved in modern times. With a ratchet system and ammo fed from a box magazine and chambered for high-velocity.

2. The Winchester Model 94Winchester in Business for last 112 years. The Model 94 is one of the fastest selling sporting rifles on the market. A John Wayne Winchester Model 1892 100th Anniversary Rifle: a .44/40 lever action.

3. The Winchester Model 71This Lever Action Rifle was made between 1935-1957 a uniquely superb rifle with a smooth action.

4. The Winchester Model 88A sleek lever action rifle in production for only 18 years. It does not command a lot of money in today’s market for .308 or .358 but perfect for easier enjoyable uses.

5. The Marlin Model 336/1895There are many Marlin Lever Variants around. A Marlin 336 in .30/30 is a fantastic Deer Gun & Lever Action Rifle.

6. The Savage Model 99This gun has been around more longer than a century has a completely brilliant design and Far ahead of modern times. With Rotary Magazines, Prices for pre-owned 99’s are continually rising. We will offer top dollar for this gun. A highly accurate Rotary-magazine model in .308 or .300 Savage almost no recoil.

If you have any questions about our current selection please call us or Stop buy our Shop Today! Any other Lever Action Models and Makes please also feel free to stop by our Pawn Shop in Hudson, FL for an appraisal and possible transaction. Wed love to hear from you and we employ the Top Quality Rifle Experts in the County.

Appraisals for Lever Action Rifles

Furthermore we are Open to the Public for purchasing good condition Lever Action Rifles. Please bring your unloaded Lever Action Rifles to our Shop for an Appraisal from one of our Licensed Gun Experts. We are happy to assist you with any questions concerning quality, cost of value and what we are willing to pay for it.

We do all Firearm Transaction in Accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws. All Transactions are Subject to Background Checks and Investigations.