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We Currently have a large inventory of AR 15’s in Stock at our Rifle / Gun Shop in Hudson, Fl. and Serving all of Hernando County, Spring Hill, & New Port Richey

AR 15 Rifle Inventory

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Pawn or Sell your pre-owned AR-15 Rifle. Call us or Visit our Shop for Details Serving all of Hernando County, Hudson, FL, Spring Hill, & New Port Richey, FL.

Our Pawn Shop in Hudson, FL Buys and Sells AR-15’s Rifles.

We have only the highest quality pre-owned AR-15s in stock. We abide and follow all Federal and State Gun Laws, policies and Regulations.

The AR-15 is a light-weight, gas operated and air cooled semi-automatic rifle. Modern AR styles are made with a variety of parts and metals including aluminum alloys and other synthetic materials. Originally AR-15s were a Colt made brand. Today many of the best top firearm manufactures make and sell AR-Style Weapons. Different Styles have different features depending on the model and manufacturer. Our Shop sells many of the Top manufacturer brands at discounted and affordable prices to our Customers in Hudson, FL, Spring Hill, FL and New Port Richey. Please give us a Call today should you have any questions about our current inventory or need details about any of our current selections of AR-15 Style Guns, Firearms in stock.

The Ar-15 features a rotating-lock bolt actuated by direct impingement gas operation or long / short stroke piston operation. It is designed to be light-weight version of the AR-10. Originally a Fully Automatic Assault rifle intended for Military Use. Now the AR-15’s Rifles can be used for Hunting, Sport, Target Practice and Home Defense.

Modern AR-15’s Rifles for civilian sales that was virtually identical to the fully automatic M-16 model. are appreciated by firearms enthusiasts, collectors, military personnel and police across the world because of their accuracy and modularity.

Its Modular Design, allows the use of numerous accessories. These include but are not limited to
aftermarket sights, grips, lighting, laser, night vision systems, sound suppressors and more.
It’s small caliber, accurate, light weight, high velocity rounds makes for one of the highest quality Rifles sold across the United States and other world Markets.

We have AR’s in stock for Front sight adjustable for elevation, and High capacity magazine compatibility. AR-15 Models and Designs today are intended for Ergonomic and lightweight design, which makes the charging handle, selector switch, magazine release, and bolt catch assembly easy to access.

Buy Our Affordably Priced AR-15’s, we have a wide selection of models from many different manufacturers.

Our Owner and as well as Gun Experts working in our High End Pawn Shop in Hudson, FL as well as Serving Spring Hill, FL and New Port Richey, FL look forward to speaking with and serving you and building a lasting relationship.

Should you have any questions about wanting to SELL YOU AR-15 Style Rifles to our Pawn Shop; we would be more than PLEASED to Hear from you. Please Give us a Call or stop by our Shop in Hudson, FL.

The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. Laws and Regulations have evolved in over 200 years since the founding of our Great Nation. You must be a citizen, not a Felon and pass a background check in order to purchase these weapons.

Ar 15 Rifle Appraisals

Furthermore we are Open to the Public for purchasing good condition AR 15 Rifles. Please bring your unloaded AR 15 Rifles to our Shop for an Appraisal from one of our Licensed Gun Experts. We are happy to assist you with any questions concerning quality, cost of value and what we are willing to pay for it.

We do all Firearm Transaction in Accordance with Federal, State and Local Laws. All Transactions are Subject to Background Checks and Investigations.